Ruth volunteered with us weekly on our kitting shifts for the past two years. She’s since moved away from New York City but we’ll always keep her close to our hearts and we’ll always be close to hers. Ruth has written a blog post on her experience at God’s Love. Please have a read below.

Every Monday and Tuesday I was so happy to go for my shifts at God’s Love. I am by trade a caterer and love feeding others. The act of feeding people is so basic and personal. Bringing a person food when they are Ill, down and hurting is a comforting act of love.

I am a person who has led a varied, full and lucky life. Giving back, working at God’s Love was the best experience of my life. There is such a special vibe there. Community, caring, concern, acceptance—a rare group indeed. Was I doing this work to help? Absolutely! Was my heart recharged by being there? More absolutely!

I left to go home each time with my name tag on, people would remind me take them off before I went out…I didn’t forget, I was bringing them home. I stuck each one on a wall in my closet. It was my art installation that always reminded me that there really are kind people who care in this world. Keep up the good work and always keep the heart!!