Before he made it on stage in the last few minutes of last night’s live episode of The Voice, the world got a glimpse of Jamar Rogers as the person that we have always known him: a caring, compassionate and generous person with a whole lot of love to give. In his performance teaser, Jamar exclaimed to the world, “I don’t have fans, I have family!” At God’s Love We Deliver, we are so proud to have Jamar in our family and to watch him soar.

Last night’s live round was filled with fierce competition as the members of Team Adam and Team Cee Lo battled it out. Finally, just before 10pm ET (congrats and thank you to all of our early morning kitchen and delivery volunteers for watching and voting!) Jamar took to the stage and wowed the judges, the audience and the nation with his rendition of “Are You Gonna Go My Way” by Lenny Kravitz. With his signature red Michael Jackson jacket and coiffed with a new hairdo, Jamar looked and sang like the star we know he is.

During his performance Jamar belted every note, spun with graceful nuance and. The crowd hung on every word. The judges were more than impressed!

Cee Lo Green, Jamar’s coach said, “Jamar, did you hear everyone in this crowd? Can you feel that energy? Do you feel like a winner?” to which Jamar exclaimed with a grin, “Yes sir!”

We know that Jamar already is!