Many people don’t know that our industrial kitchen at God’s Love must undergo the same intense Department of Health inspection that all New York City kitchens are required to pass (you are familiar with the new A, B, and C ratings all restaurants must post). In our most recent review, God’s Love We Deliver received a “zero violation” rating from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene on their Food Safety and Sanitation Inspection.
Because our clients are all living with life-altering illnesses, food safety has always been a top priority at God’s Love.
“Because we produce so many meals daily – meals that are served both hot and meals that we freeze – food temperature safety is the greatest obstacle in our kitchen,” says Pascal Segelbacher, Executive Head Chef. “We are successful maintaining the safety of our temperatures because all of us, every chef and cook, monitors the food we are producing continually throughout the day.”
Food safety efforts in the kitchen are a multi-department feat, as our team of Registered Dietitians help the kitchen in monitoring food temperatures and maintaining a food safety log. Our team performs a full kitchen inspection once a week and every freezer and walk-in is monitored twice a day. “We are providing the best, safest, and most nutritious food for the safety and health of our clients,” says Lisa Zullig, Director of Nutrition Services at God’s Love We Deliver. “Because our clients are sick, we take every precaution with their meals and take food safety extremely seriously.”
The Volunteer Department also has a major hand in food safety, training every individual volunteer in the rules and regulations of food safety so that everyone in the kitchen works up to code for the City, State, and, ultimately, our clients.
This perfect score that God’s Love received puts the agency on par with the most trusted, successful and high-quality restaurants in the City. We are honored to be able to report this achievement in food safety from the City and we are honored to provide such high-quality, safe and nutritious food for all of our clients.