Last night, God’s Love leaders from our Board of Directors, Leadership Council and Chairman’s Council joined together, with God’s Love staff, to support God’s Love at our first annual Leadership Summit Dinner, held at the James Beard House. The purpose of this dinner was to update everyone on our operation , enjoy a meal together, and to discuss the continued growth of God’s Love. 

Chef Mike Anthony and his team from Gramercy Tavern prepared an amazing meal. Our thanks to the entire kitchen crew who fed us such delicious food! 

At the dinner, Board Chair, Scott Bruckner welcomed our guests and spoke briefly about our amazing growth, renovation of our Soho home and thanked our generous hosts, Maryann & Nick Kavallieratos. Expansion Campaign Chair, Michael Sennott delivered an update on the amazing success of our building renovation and that we have another $5M to raise. Karen Pearl closed the program with a toast to our incredible leaders and thanked them for their amazing support. We give extra special thanks to Nick and Maryann Kavallieratos, who underwrote the dinner and evening’s festivities, making such an important gathering possible for all of us. 

On behalf of everyone at God’s Love, we thank our motivated and thoughtful Board of Directors, Leadership Council and Chairman’s Council for their leadership, their care, their belief in our mission, and their strength in bringing even more friends and supporters to our God’s Love community.