By now, you’ve probably heard the oft-told story of how God’s Love got its name. Our founder Ganga Stone was stopped by a minister as she delivered meals and he told her that she wasn’t just delivering meals, but in fact, delivering God’s Love. It’s a story that still resonates with our staff, volunteers and supporters to this day. Love has always been a huge part of what we do and working in the Volunteer Department, it’s touching to watch that love in action every day.

While love is certainly delivered to our clients in every meal, it’s also in our volunteers and the way they treat each other and our staff. It’s in the way volunteers check in on each other when they’re sick. It’s in the extra shifts they come in for when they know we’re short-handed. It’s in the special friendships that they develop with our drivers and clients.

God’s Love has always been an agency built on love. For this year’s Valentine’s Day, we thank you for all the love you bring when volunteering. It’s what makes God’s Love not just an organization, but a family. Thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day!