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Meet Pete Webb and his husband Eric Blomquist, Legacy Society Members

Recently, our longtime supporter Pete Webb told us how he and his husband, Eric Blomquist, decided to become Legacy Society
members and include God’s Love in their wills:

In the ‘90s, a few of my friends living in New York City had HIV. While I lived far away, I knew about their struggles – the weight loss, the medicines, the loss of appetite, and how the disease was ravaging their bodies. Luckily, they had God’s Love, which was providing them much needed food.

When I moved to NYC, I couldn’t wait to get involved. I started volunteering on Sundays, and now I find myself in the kitchen and at different volunteer events regularly. My husband Eric has been affiliated with the organization from the early days. Together, we have chosen to become more involved.We have friends who have been clients and we have friends who are currently clients. It means a lot to us that someone is taking the time to prepare their food and deliver it. For people that have mobility issues, their rare encounter with someone at the door means a lot to them. It warms their heart to see a friendly face from an organization they love.

When Eric and I got married in 2013, we made a commitment as a couple that we would include certain organizations in our wills. We chose to include God’s Love in our long-term financial plans because we care deeply about the organization and its mission. What we like about God’s Love is that you see your money in action. When you donate your time or money, you see the food, you see the clients, you see the ripple effect of the organization in the community. By being a Legacy Society member, we can do what we love and help people after we are gone.