As we kick of the New Year, what new opportunities are you excited about in 2017? Are you looking for a new opportunity to get involved here at God’s Love We Deliver? Check out our list below for some #NewYearNewOpp ideas!

Birthday Deliveries:
First up, did you know you can celebrate your birthday with us by delivering meals on your special day? Find out more here.

Pride March:
Less than six months until the annual Pride March! God’s Love We Deliver has marched in the parade for more than twenty years, and we want you to join us this year! #FeedYourPride and bookmark this page so you can sign up:

Kitchen Cabinet:
If you’re looking for a new way to support God’s Love We Deliver, consider joining our “Kitchen Cabinet” by making a $20/month donation. Donate now at

God’s Love Cookbook:
Have you tried cooking any recipes from the #GodsLoveCookbook? We are looking for chefs to make a God’s Love Cookbook recipe once a week for a month—and share your adventures on Facebook. Get your copy of the cookbook at