Director of Nutrition Services Lisa Zullig with our Resource Guide

From the beginning of the pandemic last year, my colleagues in the Nutrition Services
Department at God’s Love were inundated with phone calls. Not just new clients, but
people already on the program were presenting with a wider range of health issues
than ever before. These were health emergencies that included urgent nutrition needs
along with depression, anxiety, untreated or worsening behavioral health issues,
housing worries, and more.
At first, we were helping clients on a case-by-case basis. But we soon realized we
needed a more proactive strategy. It was clear that many of our clients were isolated
and in need of more help in addition to our medically tailored meal program and
nutrition counseling.
What we needed was a reference guide for our staff. Our team of Registered Dietitian
Nutritionists quickly developed a new Community Food and Health Resource Guide.
The Guide is a great new toolkit for clients, providers, and community members. It
contains local social services resources including how to apply for SNAP benefits, and
how to access mental health resources.
Of course, our focus on good nutrition is what makes God’s Love special. We made
sure that the Guide includes a section on food safety and cooking, as well as additional
food resources in the community that may be appropriate for prospective clients, former
clients, and others in need of nourishment.
Our new Community Food and Health Resource Guide has been helpful to current
clients of God’s Love, and it also serves as an additional support for clients leaving
the program when they are managing better with their illness. We’re sharing it with clients via mail or email, and a Spanish version is nearly
complete. You can find the Guide on our website. We are happy to provide this collection of community resources for anyone in need!

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