Last week, our kitchen staff began learning and testing the new Oliver Packaging system, which we will use for all of our entrees starting in about two weeks. This new packaging seals the meal with a plastic film, making it easy for our clients to see what’s inside. From a food safety perspective, it is great. And, what will please our clients the most is that they will be able to reheat their meals in the container in both the oven and the microwave.

On Friday, we packed out about 100 entrees, which will be frozen and ready for our Meal Packaging staff to test on Monday. They will start to figure out how best to package client deliveries to maximize space in the freezers and vans. Soon, our drivers will begin deliveries of the Oliver-packaged meals – mixed in with some of the “older” trays for a while. In short order, all entrees will be in the new containers.

Our clients have already been notified that this change is coming. Our volunteers who package up our meals are being educated about it as well. Everyone is excited about the change.

The Oliver packaging is a great example of how we focus of the needs of our clients and make innovations that enhance the quality and experience we offer. Thanks to everyone who has worked on bringing the new Oliver system on line and we look forward to implementing this new system as we continue to provide delicious, nutritious meals to our clients.