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Partners in Care with NYU Langone Hospital—Brooklyn

A frequent comment overheard in the Business Development & Community Partnerships Department at God’s Love is “The worst
thing would be that someone who has need of our services doesn’t know we exist.” And it’s the truth. The last thing anyone should have to worry about when they’re sick is their ability to feed themselves properly. So how do we ensure that God’s Love is a seamless part of a patient’s plan of care? Partnerships, of course!

An ongoing goal for God’s Love is to engage in partnership with hospitals, health systems, and any healthcare-adjacent practice to ensure that anyone who needs God’s Love services can get referred in a streamlined fashion, with minimal disruption to daily activities. One such partnership is with NYU Langone Hospital—Brooklyn, the only five-star hospital in the borough, as ranked by CMS. Over the years, God’s Love had been receiving referrals from the hospital’s various departments, but as staff turned over and time moved on, it became paramount that God’s Love and NYU develop a deeper relationship to continue to provide critical services to their patient population.

Over the past year we worked together in partnership to create a unique referral pathway for the Social Workers and Care
Managers at NYU Langone Hospital-Brooklyn. This allowed their incredible team to identify and quickly refer patients to God’s Love, minimizing the time between discharge and God’s Love service implementation.

Through our new partnership, we have served 125 patients over 20,000 meals, across a variety of diagnoses like cancer, congestive heart failure, kidney disease, and diabetes with complications — but that’s just the tip of the data iceberg.

Through our collaborative evaluation efforts, we found that only 5% of the patients served had a readmission within 30 days of starting God’s Love services, a critical statistic to monitor, as rehospitalization within 30 days of an admission is associated with higher mortality rates and higher utilization of medications. Additionally, 85% of patients referred had no Emergency Department visits throughout the duration of their God’s Love services.

With these achievements as a backdrop, we are proud to announce a full system-wide relationship with NYU Langone Health System.

The work of God’s Love and NYU Langone has only just begun, and we are so excited to watch it grow. Watch for further exciting
announcements regarding our partnership!

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