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Nutrition is our Signature Difference: National Nutrition Month is All Year at God’s Love

Nutrition is our signature difference, and it has set God’s Love We Deliver apart from other food organizations from our beginning in 1985. Our small but mighty team of 7 Registered Dietitian Nutritionists take care of our clients by designing medically tailored menus to address each of their specific diagnoses, treatments, and preferences. They also lead community nutrition education events, create multi-lingual resources, and train community nutritionists to care for NYC and beyond with our food is medicine approach. Browse our nutrition resources, read our nutrition blog posts, check out the delicious menus our RDNs develop with our Kitchen team, and follow us on social media for recipes, nutrition tips, and general advice from our RDNs.

At God’s Love we counsel, nourish and educate. This year, our RDNs:

  • Worked with people with over 200 diagnoses in multiple languages
  • Provided nutritional counseling to 6,093 individuals
  • Distributed 7,118 nutrition education materials
  • Led 22 nutrition education workshops for 515 people

For our community, our RDNs have produced:

  • 16 fact sheets in three languages (English, Spanish, and traditional Chinese)
  • 16 nutrition booklets, 1,159 of which have been distributed to individuals and organizations here in NYC and outside of the City

Our RDNs are here for our clients and they’re here for YOU, with nutrition education and information materials for all. Meet the team in our recent blog post celebrating American Heart Month.

See how our Nutrition Department Works:

Nutrition Graphic

For more information on the work of our Nutrition Department, please visit the Nutrition section of our website our contact us at

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