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In Memoriam: Remembering Henry van Ameringen

Henry van Amerignen, who passed away this week, was one of the earliest supporters of God’s Love We Deliver.

When he started volunteering, we didn’t know much about him. But he was here every day, quietly putting on his apron to work in the kitchen. When he finished his shift, he’d then head downtown to the LGBT Center to deliver meals to our clients. He just did the work that was needed. Henry’s influence at God’s Love was everywhere.

One day early on, when our founder Ganga Stone was lamenting the lack of space at our second home, the Youth Hostel at 103rd Street, Henry wrote a check on the spot to make the needed upgrades. No questions asked. Then we came to know and benefit from Henry the philanthropist, as he helped God’s Love and so many other organizations in great need over many decades.

Henry is one of the bricks that built the foundation of God’s Love. He helped us grow our program and organization in so many ways. We will miss him always.