Starting at the beginning of February, our signature whole wheat roll started to come directly to us pre-packaged from our vendor. Our vendor has made the commitment to package our product at no additional cost. They are also looking to provide a variety of options as we continue to grow and add more diversified meal programs. Below are a few reasons why we have transitioned to this pre-packaged roll for our clients.

• Food Safety –Packaging our roll at the production facility provides a greater level of control for food safety.
• Quality – It is our mission to serve the highest quality food offering to our clients. The new packaging bag ensures that our roll does not dehydrate in transport. As a result, the client receives a “fresh” and better tasting roll.
• Volunteer skills – As we expand and serve more clients it has become increasingly important for us to direct our volunteer skills into meal preparation. This will help expand menu options and reduce last-minute substitutions.

Thank you for “rolling” with this change and we look forward to working with our volunteers on all of our different projects in our kitchen!