We reflect and remember in different ways. Ten years ago today I was ending a bike ride in Maine. Today is the beginning of a new ride in France. Somehow it seems fitting, like coming full circle.
Fourteen of us have gathered from across the country at the La Flocelliere Chateau in France to raise money for each of our individual causes. The causes include the Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation, the Y-Me Breast Cancer Foundation, the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and my personal favorite, God’s Love We Deliver. The participants are from New York, Chicago, Seattle and Los Angeles.
The Chateau is owned by a family that can trace it’s heritage back over 1,000 years. Everyone on the ride has paid for their flights, accommodations and meals out of their own pockets so that all monies raised go to our individual beneficiaries. This re-in forces the notion that one can have fun while also doing good, both of which I do every Wednesday morning at God’s Love We Deliver.
We remember those who were lost ten years ago and those we have lost to diseases in the client base of God’s Love We Deliver. I think we honor their memory best by living our lives to the fullest and doing those things they would do if they were still here. May you live long, but even if you don’t, always live large!