With the help of our dedicated staff and volunteers, God’s Love weathered Winter Storm Hercules of just a couple weeks ago by closing on a Friday and making regular deliveries, for the first time ever, on Saturday. In the days that followed, God’s Love staff and volunteers filled extra shifts and worked extra hard to make up for the day we lost at the end of the week before and to help us meet our needs for the week after the storm. Our thanks to everyone who helped us get through Winter Storm Hercules!

And just last night, the East Coast was met with another big snow storm. God’s Love prepared for the storm by coordinating a late-opening this morning to ensure that the roads would be safe enough for staff and volunteers to get to their positions. Therefore, our early morning pack-out session was canceled, and the work that would have been done in the morning will be finished throughout the rest of the week, by the rest of our volunteers. We know that we can always count on our volunteers and a day like this is no exception — it shows how much they shine!

Despite the late opening, the rest of the day at God’s Love will continue as normal. Our drivers will make their deliveries, our volunteers will complete their kitchen and kitting shifts, and another phenomenal day at God’s Love will come to a close.

We never need a reason to be grateful for our volunteers and staff because they always show us how dedicated they are to our mission and to our clients. However, it’s in times like these, with unexpected weather and situations beyond our control, that our clients really come together to make sure our clients get their nutritious, individually-tailored meals. We know we can always count on our volunteers and staff so that our clients can always count on us.