Dear Community,

On July 1, we started our new fiscal year. Looking back, it is wonderful to see just how much we accomplished together during the past fiscal year.

We moved back to the Michael Kors Building in SoHo; reached a record number of clients; cooked, packaged and delivered a record number of meals; welcomed more than 10,000 volunteers; raised more philanthropic dollars than ever; advanced our Food is Medicine Initiative, and so much more.

We have stayed true to our core principles of never turning any away and never having a waiting list. Most importantly, we have fulfilled our life-sustaining mission by offering our clients the highest quality of service and the most nutritious and delicious meals.

We also have much to look forward to in the new year. We have already planned for lots of innovation; for example, we are in the process of changing to Oliver Packaging for our entrees and launching the cooked breakfast program.

We could not do any of this without our remarkable network of staff, leadership groups, volunteers, and supporters. Your engagement, enthusiasm, caring for our clients, and support of our mission make all of our work possible.