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Summer & 6th – a genLOVE Celebration

Summer & 6th – a genLOVE Celebration

On June 7th we celebrated our genLOVE community with the first ever Summer & 6th. Not only was it a celebration of genLOVE, but it was also a farewell to 4 of our Executive Committee members and a welcome to 10 new members.

genLOVE is our young professional group dedicated to making a difference and spreading the mission of God’s Love We Deliver. Our Executive Committee helps lead the genLOVE group, focusing on fundraising, awareness, and volunteering. We are thrilled to announce the newest members of our committee: Kevin Bentley, Liliana Brown, Ryan Dell, Sara Greaves, Linda Greenberg, Emily Matthews, Manus McGuire, Sophie de Menil, Dimitri Moise, and Maura O’Neil. We are so excited to have them on board to help steer the direction of God’s Love and use their wide range of skills to help spread the genLOVE message!

We also want say a HUGE heartfelt thank you and goodbye to those who have finished their term. Trent Huffman, Lindsay Feinberg, Chloe Kelley, and Anjuli Nanda Diamond have been incredible leaders and supporters. They helped create and shape the Executive Committee and we couldn’t be more grateful!

Thank you to Delta for sponsoring genLOVE. If you have any inquires about genLOVE, please reach out to Julia Cordry.

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