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Total Tennis Friends in the God’s Love Kitchen

About 100 miles north of New York City, a friendship was formed at Total Tennis, the Northeast’s only year-round tennis camp with indoor and outdoor tennis courts. Tao He-Covello and Kevin Carroll head up to Saugerties, New York near the Catskills Mountain any chance they get to rally.  

As their friendship grew and interests outside of tennis came up in conversation, Tao shared his deep admiration and support for God’s Love We Deliver and the importance of cooking and home-delivering nutritious, medically tailored meals for people who are too sick to shop or cook for themselves. Kevin’s interest peeked immediately and called in his partner, Pedro Eitz Ferrer and close friends Thomas Cheung and Ricardo Navamuel to sign up for a volunteer shift in the kitchen. 

 On Wednesday night after work, Tao, Kevin, Pedro, Thomas, Ricardo and our dear Stephen Covello, traded in their rackets for aprons to prepare meals in the God’ Love kitchen. With the help of the wonderful Chef Herminio and seasoned volunteers explaining the importance of portions for the clients, the crew understood the great value of their service.  

 Thank you, Stephen, Tao, Kevin, Pedro, Thomas, and Ricardo, for volunteering with God’s Love We Deliver! We hope you share your volunteer experience with your employers and see how your companies can get cooking in the kitchen as well! 

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