Sunday, August 21st at God’s Love started with a bang — the wrong kind of bang — and a visit from the fire department. 

Our steam boiler died this weekend and with it our ability to power the kettles we use to cook our soup, vegetables and sauces. Boiling water poured onto the floor, and the steam set off our fire alarm. Fortunately, no one was injured. The fire department responded to make sure the boiler was properly shut down, minimizing any further damage to our facilities. 

Unfortunately our boiler is beyond repair. Replacing the unit will require a major effort and expense, with the cost expected to exceed $100,000. 

Until a new boiler is in place, our chefs are making dramatic revisions to menus and recipes. All soup production has been stopped and our team is working hard to produce substitutions for popular items. 

We hope you will consider a gift to help us replace our boiler so that we can once again provide our clients with their normal meal deliveries. Thank you so much for all your wonderful support. 

PS: If you know someone or an organization that can help us fund this expense, please forward this note to them or contact David Ludwigson at God’s Love who will make the appropriate follow-up calls. Thanks again!