A new report by NYC Food Policy Center at Hunter College sets out to inspire current researchers and innovators in the food world to use technology. As an organization that is constantly evolving to meet our clients growing needs, we are very inspired by this new report.
The report finds that many low-income households have a mobile device that can connect to the internet, therefore; low-income populations can be engaged to address their food needs through technology. This finding opens the door for food assistance providers to reach more people through the use of the internet and technology. For example, many states allow SNAP users to submit their applications online. Allowing people to submit their applications online, eliminates the barriers that exist when requiring an in-person application. The immediacy of online submission means people are not waiting as long for their benefits. In addition to an online application, there are also mobile apps that allow SNAP recipients to check their balance quickly and easily.

SNAP is not the only entity that is helping those that are food insecure through technology. There are plenty of helpful nutrition apps, financial management apps, meal planning apps, and grocery coupon websites and apps that are useful for anyone who is facing food insecurity. At God’s Love We Deliver we are constantly improving our services through the use of technology and hope others are inspired by this report to do the same.