Another Thanksgiving is complete and thanks to your collective efforts, 3,100 people are at this moment enjoying a delicious holiday feast with their loved ones. 3,100 people have received a gift basket filled with festive goodies in a bag decorated with love by local students. And 3,100 people were greeted with smiles and holiday cheer by the hundreds of God’s Love volunteers that showed up on their doorsteps today.

As with everything we do, the task of preparing and delivering over 3,100 meals and gift baskets simply cannot happen without an army of dedicated volunteers. Whether you worked in the kitchen, our office, at one of our centers or were on the road delivering meals, each and every one of you had a part in making this year’s Thanksgiving a smashing success. We loved spending the holiday with you and your families and cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and enthusiasm. Amongst the many things we have to be thankful for, our volunteers are at the very top of our list!

From all of us in the Volunteer Department, we wish you a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

Susan, Kate, Stephen, T.J., and Karen


Every once and awhile I stop and think about how much God’s Love We Deliver means to me. You came to bring me a hot meal right at the end of the Thanksgiving Day parade, making it a wonderful way to end the parade, with a hot meal and goodies to last the day. I then read the wonderful designed bags the children made, it’s just a warm and loving feeling knowing someone cares and loves you in your time of need. – our client, John