Dear Volunteers,

I am delighted to announce that God’s Love is moving all of our operations back to SoHo next week. We are extremely excited to be working from our expanded home, and can’t wait for you to join us.

You may remember that we have already moved our Delivery and Meal Packaging Departments, and our van assistants and meal packaging volunteers have been cheerfully volunteering from there for almost two weeks.

Next Tuesday and Wednesday, July 28 and 29, we will wind down the reminder of our operations in Brooklyn (Kitchen on Tuesday late afternoon and all else on Wednesday midday). Our movers will be carting food, kitchen supplies, boxes and everything else we are moving back to SoHo starting early on Wednesday.

All of our staff will report to SoHo on Thursday, July 30, ready to unpack and to keep services going for our clients. Our services for clients will continue – uninterrupted – during the move.

What does this mean for you as volunteers?

While you will hear from our Volunteer Department the specifics about your regularly scheduled shift, here is the outline of the plan.

• Van assistants and meal packaging volunteers will continue on schedule each day.
• We will not be operating the kitchen on Wednesday and Thursday, July 29 and 30. We may start up with a small group of volunteers on Friday, July 31, and/or Sunday, August 2, for a “test run” of the new equipment and space. We anticipate full Kitchen operations beginning on Monday, August 3.
• Volunteers who help in our offices will be informed of the schedule by the department managers.

We are almost home, ready to welcome even more volunteers to our efforts. It’s been 22 months since we moved to Brooklyn, and I want to thank every volunteer who joined us there. You have made it possible for us to keep our services not only going, but growing, and of the highest quality. We cherish your dedication and great spirit, and are full of gratitude for your service.

I look forward to seeing you all in SoHo when we get back to full operations in our beautiful new home. The great “God’s Love volunteer experience” will only get better, as our volunteers get to enjoy the great amenities we have included in the building.

Thanks again for all you do to support our clients and our success.

All my best,