Today we gather with more than 500 volunteers to cook and deliver holiday meals to 3,000 people. We are delivering a festive meal to every client, as well as meals for their children and senior caregivers. To make it easier for our clients to invite a neighbor, friend or family member to join them to celebrate the holiday season we are also delivering a guest meal. No one should have to eat alone on the holiday.

Our holiday feast starts with New England corn chowder, followed by a Cornish game hen with wild rice and mixed vegetables, and ends with gingerbread cake with icing and sprinkles. All delicious and home made with lots of love. Along with the meal, every client will also receive a Blizzard Box filled with delicious and nutritious non-perishable foods to tide them over in the event of a weather-related delivery interruption. To add to the holiday spirit, clients will also receive a beautiful holiday ornament, a gift from our wonderful Board member Joan Rivers. And children in the home will receive a bag of gifts, carefully chosen by our volunteers for the child’s age and gender.

Pulling all of this together takes a great deal of work, over a number of weeks. It’s worth every minute of planning and execution. We care deeply about our clients and their families, and want them to have as happy a holiday season as possible.

Even though our clients are very sick, they appreciate all that we do to brighten their days. They love having volunteers deliver their holiday meals and gifts. They welcome the company, the kind word, the bright smile. They look forward to hearing a hearty “Happy Holidays” greeting. They are delighted to be remembered.

As we turn the page on the calendar to 2011, we express our gratitude to all who help us throughout the year to fulfill our mission. We thank our 7,600 volunteers for their amazing gifts of time and energy. We thank our friends and supporters for their much-needed and much-appreciated donations. And, most of all, we thank our clients for keeping us focused on what really matters in our world: good health, acts of kindness, caring about our neighbors, and celebrating the gift of each and every day.

I wish you all a very happy holiday and a Happy New Year. May all your dreams be fulfilled.