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Yes, Chef! Andre Daquigan Named Executive Chef at God’s Love We Deliver

We are thrilled to announce that Andre Daquigan has been promoted to Executive Chef!


Andre joined the Kitchen team at God’s Love in 2001, back when we only had a hot meal program. In his role, Andre ensured that every single meal was packed out and ready for delivery by 8 a.m. This meant he arrived for his shift at 4 a.m. and he’s been our early bird chef ever since!

Andre has been an integral part of so much growth and change in our kitchen. From introducing new equipment like the Oliver machine, to developing flavorful and healthful recipes that reflect the diversity of our kitchen and NYC, Andre puts so much passion and love into everything he does.

In 2001, we delivered our 5 millionth meal. This week we delivered our 35 millionth meal. That means that Andre has been a part of cooking 30 *million* meals for New Yorkers affected by severe and chronic illness!

In recent years, Andre has been focusing on recipe development for all areas of our menus, in particular, utilizing flavor profiles from different cuisines. We are proud to feature “Chef Andre’s Beef Picadillo” on our menu – a Filipino recipe Andre developed from his mother’s recipe he grew up enjoying.

Andre is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and, prior to joining God’s Love, Andre worked in many NYC restaurants as a personal chef and in the test kitchen of the Food Network. If you’ve heard Andre sing, you know he studied musical theater, and if you’ve been around Andre for even a second, you know that he cares about you and demonstrates our belief that “food is love” every day in our kitchen when cooking in our kitchen. We can’t wait to see what else Chef Andre will cook up for our clients and their families. Thank you, Chef!

Watch Chef Andre Star in our Parody of "One Day More"

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