Gifts from the Heart

Send a “Gift from the Heart” and help God’s Love We Deliver provide nutritious meals to New Yorkers living with life-altering illness.

Our store includes a “Food is Love” apron by our friend and Culinary Council member Chef Amanda Freitag, treats from our Joan Rivers Bakery, spice blends our chefs have developed in partnership with Burlap & Barrel, and a “Gratitude” candle created exclusively for us by Harlem Candle Company for your home, and so much more. You can also choose program items to sponsor. 100% of the net proceeds from the catalog sales will benefit God’s Love We Deliver.

Questions about ordering or bulk orders? Call 212.294.8161 or email us at

Please note:
For guaranteed delivery before Thanksgiving, orders must be placed by November 20th. Orders place after that will arrive the week of November 27th.
For guaranteed delivery before Christmas, orders must be placed by December 19th. Orders placed after that will arrive the week of January 1st.

From the God's Love Bakery


Chuck's Famous Brownies

Now you can have Chuck's mouthwatering homemade brownies any day of the week. Chuck's Famous Brownies contain no added preservatives so they are best enjoyed upon delivery.


Hot Cocoa & Spice Cookies

Chef Dorothy introduced these new cocoa & spice cookies to our bakery this year and we haven’t looked back! Packed with cocoa and white chocolate chips, these cookies are soft and chewy. Paired with a glass of milk or hot cocoa (spiced with our Cocoa & Spice blend), these cookies are sure to delight this winter and all year long.

For You, Your Home and More

$10 from every "Food is Love" apron sold goes directly to God's Love

"Food is Love" Apron Designed by Chef Amanda Freitag

The Food is Love apron was designed by Chef Amanda Freitag in collaboration with Cooks Who Feed. Cooks Who Feed ethically produces aprons with a give-back model, providing 100 meals to those suffering from food insecurity for every apron sold. The aprons are handmade in India, where they provide safe, fair-wage jobs to marginalized women. In addition to the 100 meals give-back, $10 from every Food is Love apron goes directly to God's Love We Deliver. Now that's impact!


Gratitude Candle by Harlem Candle Co.

Gratitude pays tribute with a vibrant opening of bergamot, white pepper and incense melding beautifully into a spicy heart of Sichuan pepper, artemisia and coriander. A dramatic background of precious Australian sandalwood, sweet tonka bean and palo santo provide an exquisite finish that embodies what it means to be truly grateful. Created in joyful collaboration with Harlem Candle Company.


God's Love Cheese Plate

Pack the perfect plate of cheese for friends and family on top of the God’s Love cheese plate. One cheese plate funds 4 meals for a client.

Spice Blends in Partnership with Burlap & Barrel

Spice up your life! Now’s the time to add zip and flavor with spices used in the God’s Love kitchen!

We are honored to partner with Burlap & Barrel, a single-origin spice company based in NYC, to develop these blends that we use in our clients’ meals. Whether you choose to add zest with Herbs & Sumac, comfort and coziness with Cocoa & Spice, or a little kick with Smoke & Garlic, we know you’ll be thrilled with the ways our spices enhance your dishes. Just ask our chefs and clients!

Note: Spices are all salt-free (just like in our kitchen!) but will surely spice up your dish!

Smoked pimentón paprika, purple stripe garlic, sun-dried tomato powder, new harvest turmeric

Smoke & Garlic

Season rice or grains. Add to soups and stews. Rub on chicken, fish or vegetables before roasting.

Cured sumac, flowering Hyssop thyme, oregano buds, wild mountain cumin, coriander, black peppercorns

Herbs & Sumac

Add to tomato sauce and pasta dishes. Use in a rub for grilling or roasted proteins and vegetables. Mix with olive oil for dipping bread or drizzling over cooked food.

Morogoro cacao, wild mesquite, royal cinnamon, whole Nyanza vanilla pods

Cocoa & Spice

Mix with warm milk of choice for easy hot chocolate. Add to brownie, waffle or pancake batter. Sprinkle over ice cream.

Boxed Holiday Cards



A box of 12 cards funds two meals for a client and one child breakfast.



A box of 12 cards funds two meals for a client and one child breakfast.

Shop More Great Items


Piggy Bank

For spare change, or a kid’s first “savings account” these banks are for pennies with a purpose! Modeled after God’s Love signature delivery vans, collecting coins has never been more fun. Piggy Bank Size: 5.5"H x 5"W x 5.5"L