5 Boroughs, 5 Chefs, 5 Recipes for our Community

I’s almost become a cliché to describe 2020 as unprecedented, and yet, with the holidays around the corner, this often-used word is taking on a new meaning. This Thanksgiving, perhaps for the first time, many of us will not be sharing the day with family (chosen or biological). On November 26, God’s Love We Deliver, working with social distancing measures, will do what we always do: send each of our clients a special Thanksgiving dinner and a guest meal that they can safely share. As our friend, we wanted to do something special for you, too.

This is a meaningful moment to do what we do best: assure our community that you might not be in a full house, but you are not alone. We’ve asked five of our favorite chefs, one from each of NYC’s boroughs, to contribute a recipe towards a simple festive meal. With these five dishes: soup, turkey, stuffing, a side, and dessert, you can make a full Thanksgiving meal. These dishes celebrate the immense diversity of flavors, experiences, clients, and supporters that we are lucky to be surrounded by in our beloved home-city. On this day of gratitude, we thank you for being a part of our family, please enjoy these dishes with us. Please enjoy these dishes and share your results online by tagging @godslovenyc and #CelebrateWithAPlate.

Photos by Kerri Brewer, food styling by Lauren Radel.

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