5 Countries, 5 Chefs, 5 Recipes for our Community

On November 25, we’ll deliver each of our clients a special Thanksgiving dinner, along with a guest meal that they can safely share. We’ve spent months planning the feast and weeks in the kitchen: chopping, peeling, prepping, and cooking. This year, we’re cooking nearly 10,000 feasts, on top of the many thousands of meals we cook and home-deliver each weekday!

We are grateful to have you in our community, especially after such a difficult year and a half. To share our gratitude, we’ve asked five of our favorite chefs, each representing a different country, to contribute a recipe towards a festive meal. With these five dishes: soup, turkey, stuffing, a side, and dessert, you can make a full Thanksgiving meal. These dishes celebrate the immense diversity of flavors, experiences, clients, and supporters in the world and in our City. On this day of gratitude, we thank you for being a part of our community. Please enjoy these dishes and share your results online by tagging @godslovenyc and #CelebrateWithAPlate.

Photos by Kerri Brewer, food styling by Lauren Radel.

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