The Delta variant is a deadly thread to vulnerable New Yorkers. You can provide the help they need.

The pandemic took a disastrous toll on the people we serve — New Yorkers who are living with severe and chronic illness. Their underlying conditions made them even more vulnerable to COVID-19.

And now with the rapid emergency of the Delta variant, the crisis is more deadly than ever for those who are still sick. While many of us want to return to normal activities, remember that there is no “normal” for those with serious illnesses.

By making a generous donation, you can feel good knowing you’re providing a nourishing meal to a neighbor in need.



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I feel as if I own a restaurant.

I’m very lucky. I’m very happy. I can look at the meals and decide which one I want to eat, when I feel like it.

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Join the Kitchen Table, and make an impact all year long.

The kitchen table is a dedicated group of monthly donors who support our mission — so all our friends can be fed.

When you reflect on your favorite moments at home with loved ones, chances are good you’re sitting around your kitchen table… swapping stories, laughing until you can hardly breathe, reaching for a napkin to dry a few tears.

There’s something inherently warm and welcoming about that space, isn’t there? Sure, it has something to do with sharing a meal, but the connection goes far beyond please pass the potatoes and I’m going to need this recipe. It’s not really about the food. It’s about care. It’s about community.

It’s about love.

By becoming a monthly donor, you help set the table for our friends and neighbors who need our help.