In this crisis, God’s Love is cooking for thousands of people every day. Our ovens are hot, our vans are loaded, and we are ready to deliver. Will you please help us cook and home-deliver a nourishing meal today?

At God’s Love We Deliver, during the coronavirus pandemic, we’re still cooking six days a week for thousands of New Yorkers who rely on us to receive delicious meals, the right nutrition, and a whole lot of love.

Join us in our new campaign to help us fund 100,000 meals during the coronavirus pandemic.
1 :camera_with_flash:. Take a picture of something you’re eating at home.
2. :dancers: Tag your friends that you’d like to share that meal with.
3. :two_hearts: Donate what you would have spent feeding your friends at
4. :dizzy: Don’t forget to @godslovenyc and use #whoareyoucookingfor

Additional Campaigns

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sponsor a birthday cake

Birthday Bake Sale

With each person who joins the God’s Love Birthday Bake Sale and sponsors a cake for $10 each, we will make sure that thousands of New Yorkers living with serious illnesses don’t feel alone on their birthday.

sponsor a Holiday Meal

Celebrate With a Plate

Our special holiday meals are delivered with love, to make sure that each and every one of our sick clients knows that someone cares. Share the spirit of the season, and please sponsor a holiday meal today!

Sponsor breakfasts for a client's child

Make Breakfast Count

Breakfast makes a difference, and so do YOU, when you sponsor a breakfast for a young child in need. It’s only $5 per breakfast, or $25 per kit to last a whole week. Thank you!