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What’s an easy thing to do with friends that raises awareness and funds for God’s Love? A Facebook fundraiser! Every $10 you raise funds a delicious, medically tailored meal for a client living with illness.

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God’s Love We Deliver provides nutrition therapy, and cooks and home delivers medically tailored meals for people living with severe illness in the New York City metropolitan area. We are a non-sectarian organization. All of our services are provided free to clients and full of love.

Cooking and home delivering medically tailored meals to some of the most vulnerable people in NYC is more important than ever during this unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. As all of our clients are living with underlying conditions, making them the most at-risk individuals, and the majority are elderly—our home-delivered meals are critical to their well-being.

How to Set Up Your Fundraiser

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Remember: $10 funds one meal. Fundraise $1,000 and you'll fund 100 meals!

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Choose a Program to Support

$10 = 1 meal

Sponsor a Holiday Meal

A nourishing meal, shared with friends and family, is a holiday tradition that makes the season special. But for many, the holidays can be a difficult, lonely time. That’s why we invite you to join us as we “Celebrate With a Plate” at God’s Love!

$10 = 1 birthday cake

Sponsor Cakes on Your Birthday

With each person who joins the God’s Love Birthday Bake Sale and sponsors a cake for $10 each, we will make sure that thousands of New Yorkers living with serious illnesses don’t feel alone on their birthday.

Volunteers Holding Breakfast Items

$5 = 1 breakfast for a client's child

Make Breakfast Count

School is so important, and kids need a lot of things to succeed. Kids need more than pencils and books, and backpacks. They need a nutritious breakfast. Sick parents often struggle to get their kids to school on time. So, at God’s Love, breakfast starts at home.