The Evidence

At God’s Love We Deliver, we follow a research and evidence-based approach to feeding people with serious and/or chronic illness. We know that people don’t only need food, rather, they need individually tailored meals that consider the many challenges they face. We provide medically tailored meals (MTM), an effective combination of medical nutrition therapy from Registered Dietitian Nutritionists and healthy meals customized to a client’s medical conditions. Research from across the country has proven that this act of tailoring each meal to meet a client’s specific medical diagnosis works. In fact, it not only improves a client’s health outcomes, but it also keeps clients out of the hospital and improves food security and healthy eating behaviors, all the while dramatically reducing their healthcare costs.

The research we describe below has been completed by God’s Love and peer MTM agencies across the country.

Improved Health Outcomes

Reduced Healthcare Costs

Improved Health Behaviors

More Research

Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy

JAMA Network Open Models the Significant National Healthcare Cost Savings of the Medically Tailored Meals Model

New research shows that medically tailored meals are associated with positive health outcomes and lower costs of care for patients with chronic and serious illness. The study demonstrates the power of MTMs if implemented nationwide: 1.5M fewer hospitalizations and a net cost savings of $13.6 billion in the first year.

God's Love We Deliver

Community Health Advisory & Information Network (C.H.A.I.N.) Study

God’s Love We Deliver collaborated with the Columbia Mailman School of Public Health to analyze the impact of food insecurity and the provision of food and nutrition services on health outcomes among people living with HIV.
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