Seeking to improve your patient’s overall health or seeking an intervention that will help to keep patients safe in their home and community? We can help with that.

We have worked with medical providers, hospitals, clinics and Federally Qualified Health Centers for more than thirty years in and around New York City. Our partners understand that nutrition is our signature difference and rely upon our expertise and responsiveness to bringing our nutritious, medically- tailored meals to their patients living with serious, life-altering illness.

Nourished clients:

Are better able to manage chronic illness and medication adherence
Have fewer initial hospitalizations and are half as likely to be re-hospitalized
Have shorter in-patient stays and lower medical costs, if admitted
Have a far greater likelihood of being discharged to their home instead of a facility

Our meals and nutrition education and counseling can support your high-risk patients, especially those that are dealing with issues of being:

  • Clinically malnourished, and significantly limited in their ADL that affect shopping and cooking (standing, carrying, lifting, etc.).
  • Non-adherent to their medication
  • In Post-Acute Care Transitions, or are High Utilizers
  • Poorly managing their Cardiovascular Disease, CHF, Renal Failure, etc.
  • On the cusp of developing severe diabetes, or those who need temporary support to recover from a relapse of diabetes-related complications
  • Needing Disease-Specific Nutrition Management
  • Medically at-risk, such as those with renal failure, multiple co-morbidities, or acute nutrition needs
  • In the progressive stages of dementia that require dietary modifications (pureed or minced)
  • In danger of being institutionalized (in hospitals, nursing homes, or long term care facilities)

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