Holidays & Special Projects

Registration for Thanksgiving volunteering is now open! God’s Love relies on more than 1,000 individuals to help us deliver thousands of meals on Thanksgiving Day. For more information on all of these projects, contact us at or 212.294.8158. Read all about our 2018 Thanksgiving in our blog post. Thank you!

FAQs: Holidays & Special Projects

The holidays are a special time at God’s Love. Our community comes together to help us cook, pack, and home-deliver more than 9,000 holiday meals in Thanksgiving and December. On Thanksgiving, our clients receive a basket filled with treats for their household, in addition to their traditional Thanksgiving feasts (along with an extra meal for a loved one or guest). In December, we deliver gifts to our clients and their children, adding an extra special touch to the holiday season (and let’s not forget their delicious Winter Feast meal for them and a guest, too!)

Yes! We have volunteer opportunities year-round! View all of our opportunities here.

We have many volunteer opportunities including delivering meals, Thanksgiving Basket Day, and more. Learn more about our Thanksgiving Volunteer opportunities.

We are closed on Christmas Day and do not have any volunteer opportunities available.

How To: Thanksgiving Deliveries

Published on Jan 24, 2019

On Thanksgiving, more than 1,000 volunteers help us home-deliver thousands of delicious Thanksgiving meals to our clients, their children, their senior caregivers, and their guests. See how it works and save the date for next year!

Thanksgiving 2018

Published on Nov 29, 2018

On Thanksgiving 2018 we worked with 1,300 volunteers to cook and deliver 6,500 delicious Thanksgiving meals to our clients, their children, their senior caregivers, and their guests. Our biggest thanks to our community who came together to make this happen!

Thanksgiving 2017

Published on Nov 27, 2018

Thanksgiving 2017 was our biggest Thanksgiving ever, and one we won't soon forget. Over 1,000 volunteers helped us cook and home-deliver 5,500 beautiful Thanksgiving meals to over 3,000 households. We are grateful for their big hearts and helping hands. Thank you to everyone who made last year's holiday such a big, wonderful, and festive success!

Thanksgiving 2014 -- in Brooklyn!

Thanksgiving is a very special time at God's Love We Deliver. We work with over 1,000 volunteers to help us cook and delivery nearly 4,000 special holiday meals, complete with all the trimmings! This year we celebrated Thanksgiving in our temporary Brooklyn location. Meet our client, Sarah, and our volunteers Ivy and watch the holiday action!

1995 Christmas holiday meal delivery news coverage with God's Love We Deliver

Published on Dec 25, 1995

Check out our coverage on Christmas day 1995 on Channel 2, WPIX 11, and Fox 5.

Crafting with Love during the Holidays

From the Blog: Volunteer


10.20.19 / Volunteer

Second helping with Eva Wirth

In 1993, Eva received an appeal letter from God’s Love. At the end of the letter it asked if she’d like to learn about volunteering. Deeply concerned about the AIDS crisis and looking for a way to give back, she checked the b…

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