Thanksgiving at God’s Love

Thanksgiving is a very special time at God’s Love for our volunteers, staff, and clients, and we want YOU to be involved! Join us in the kitchen in November for additional food prep shifts, decorate holiday bags from home, or deliver meals on Thanksgiving with friends and family. Volunteers will pick up meals from distribution centers located in each borough of NYC and deliver them directly to clients’ homes. Every hour you spend helps us make the holiday a cheerful and memorable time for our clients.

Volunteer positions for Thanksgiving 2023 include:

  • Driver – volunteers will use their own vehicles to deliver meals to 6-8 households, all in proximity to each other.
  • On-Site Support

In addition to delivering holiday meals, volunteers will deliver a special Thanksgiving tote bag filled with holiday treats.

Looking for another way to support God’s Love? Sponsor a holiday meal for just $10 here!

Watch our 2022 Thanksgiving Celebration Here

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How To: Thanksgiving Deliveries

Published on Jan 24, 2019

On Thanksgiving, more than 1,000 volunteers help us home-deliver thousands of delicious Thanksgiving meals to our clients, their children, their senior caregivers, and their guests. See how it works and save the date for next year!

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Crafting with Love during the Holidays

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View our FAQs and other helpful information on our Volunteers FAQs page.

Or feel free to contact our Volunteer Office via email at or telephone at 212.294.8158.

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