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A cozy sweater in support of God’s Love for uncertain times

LERET LERET, the luxury cashmere brand, is supporting God’s Love We Deliver during the coronavirus pandemic by donating 25% of all sweater sales to our efforts. This artisanal brand was founded by siblings Edouard and Andrea Leret and is committed to ethical manufacturing and supporting local artisans and their communities. Now, as the world faces a historic public health crisis, the siblings are looking to ensure that
most vulnerable members of their New York community stay nourished by supporting God’s Love We Deliver.

This generosity is greatly appreciated, as we are facing increasing pressures on food supplies, and expanding need for our meals as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. We are still cooking each medically tailored meal in-house, and home-delivering them to our clients, people who are too sick to cook for themselves.

“As a small business in the city, we felt it was imperative to help our fellow New Yorkers in some way. By joining forces with God’s Love We Deliver, we can address one of the most essential–and currently most challenging–needs.” -The Lerets

For the duration of the pandemic, 25% of all sales from their website will go to help God’s Love reach their goal of funding 100,000 meals. Furthermore, Leret Leret is mobilizing their friends and fans to participate in the #WhoAreYouCookingFor campaign. Check out the link below to browse these beautiful sweaters, they are as comforting, whimsical and hopeful as anyone needs right now.

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