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A Legacy of Love: Ann is Keeping Her Mother’s Giving Spirit Alive through God’s Love

Ann Chan’s mother, Ying Chan, received meals from God’s Love until she passed a few years ago. In honor of her mother and in recognition of how much Ying appreciated God’s Love, Ann is a Legacy Society member who makes charitable contributions annually. She donates to ensure people living with severe illness, like her mother, continue to feel loved on their birthday and on holidays throughout the year. Ann believes that her mother lived for six more years thanks to the nourishment and care provided by God’s Love:

“If she didn’t have God’s Love, I really, truly believe I would not have had those extra years with my mother. Her doctors were shocked that she lived six years on home dialysis. They said it all had to do with her diet and the food she ate.”

Ying had multiple medical issues including end stage renal disease, cardiac disease, and diabetes. With these diagnoses came an assortment of treatments and dietary restrictions. As her daughter and caretaker, Ann became overwhelmed by her inability to find the right combination of ingredients for Ying’s dietary needs. When we spoke to Ann, she recalled the moment of helplessness that led her to God’s Love

“Six years ago, I had to go shopping for my mother and was only able to put together ingredients for a single meal that only adhered to one of her various medical restrictions. It was so difficult figuring out the right food for her cardiac, renal, and diabetic needs. I went back to the social worker and told her, ‘I can’t do this. I was crying in the middle of the supermarket! I can’t do this.’”

That’s when the social worker told Ann about God’s Love and signed Ying up to receive meals. While Ying always looked forward to her meals from God’s Love, she particularly loved the holiday feasts and birthday cake she received every November. Ann has many fond memories of speaking with the volunteers who delivered Thanksgiving dinner before sitting down to enjoy the delicious food with her mother. Ann recalls how much joy her mom felt when she received her first birthday cake from God’s Love:

“I came home from work and she dragged me in to the kitchen and said, ‘Look, I got a birthday cake!’ When you have so many health issues going on, you don’t have a lot of opportunities to smile. She just loved it. She loved her delivery person and stood by the door on her delivery days. Two weeks before Christmas, she told me to make sure to get a gift for the delivery person.”

Tragically, Ying passed away shortly after this conversation. With her mother’s charitable spirit in mind, Ann decided to do a fundraiser for God’s Love. Then Ann went a step further by changing her estate plan to include God’s Love. But with the conviction to help others today, Ann began making an annual donation in addition to adding God’s Love to her estate:

“I always send a donation in October to make sure people get their Thanksgiving feasts and birthday cakes in honor of my mom. I tell people they’re not getting birthday gifts – I’m giving a donation in their honor. You have to help people now. They need help now! That’s why I’m a proud supporter of God’s Love.”

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