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Alfred Szymanski: Leaving a Legacy

Alfred Szymanski has been a supporter of God’s Love We Deliver since our early years responding to the HIV/AIDS crisis. When so many of his friends were suffering greatly with nowhere else to turn, God’s Love was there. He read stories of Joan Rivers personally delivering meals, and it lifted his spirit to see someone of her stature being so actively involved on the front lines, delivering nutrition and care.

Alfred’s life’s work was in all areas of fashion, and through this he came to know Michael Kors and Blaine Trump. Their dedication to ending the crisis of being sick and hungry by supporting God’s Love filled him with admiration and he became a monthly donor. Alfred loved attending cooking demonstrations and other events over the years. Even more than that, he was thrilled to know that his support meant that our clients never had to worry about their next meal and that every meal was tailored to their needs.

When Alfred retired, he wanted to do more than what his fixed income allowed him. When he learned about the Legacy Society, the decision to join was an easy one. As a Legacy Society member, he feels grateful to continue to stay informed through regular communication and invitations to our events. Alfred knows that nutritious meals are crucial to the health of people living with a severe illness; and that a reliable, friendly face delivering meals is an equally important connection that nourishes the spirit.

Alfred tells us, “Nourishment and a steady meal every day is so important. It’s so helpful to clients that they don’t have to worry. They know a meal will come, and it will actually meet their needs. It’s all about what the client needs. God’s Love knows that. Thank you for providing for so many people and families.”

He has felt the love that underscores our actions since the early days and is proud to help ensure we can continue to provide love, dignity, and nutrition for years to come. Thank you, Alfred!

Please consider joining Alfred and his Legacy Society colleagues in supporting this visionary work for the future. For information, please contact Brandon Bryant at 212.294.8134 or bbryant@glwd.org.

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