executive Producers Nicole Rechter, Greg Williamson and John Varvatos with God's Love President & CEO David Ludwigson, Lucius, Hozier, Allison Russell and Emily King

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An Ode to the Meaning of Love – God’s Love Staff Gives Thanks to Executive Producers of Love Rocks NYC

The inception of Love Rocks NYC started 9 years ago over coffee with long time friends, Greg Williamson, and God’s Love We Deliver Chief Philanthropy Officer, Stephen Covello. Greg Williamson pitched a benefit concert at City Winery; the idea was to have the venue be small and intimate. As they started working on the concept, they realized they could go BIG all to support the beloved organization. Great long time friend, event planner Nicole Rechter and legendary fashion designer John Varvatos joined the team, and Love Rocks NYC held at the Beacon Theatre, was born.

Love Rocks NYC has made an enormous difference for God’s Love We Deliver, garnering billions of media impressions and raising millions of dollars to fund our medically tailored meals. Over the past eight years, the Love Rocks NYC benefit concert has helped God’s Love We Deliver prepare and deliver more than 3.3 million meals to New Yorkers who need it, each meal is nutritionally tailored to the person’s specific needs.

Greg, John, and Nicole work tirelessly to create an epic experience for the artists, sponsors, and concertgoers.  Staff at God’s Love we Deliver are eternally grateful for their vision, direction, and hard work.

“8 years of LOVE ROCKS NYC! Thank you Greg, Thank you Nicole, Thank you John. Not only are they a driving force of love within the God’s Love community, but they’re also family to us. They have helped raise 30 million dollars for God’s Love we Deliver, they have changed our organization forever, we love you so much. Let’s Rock!” – Stephen Covello, Chief Philanthropy Officer

“Wow where did the time go? 8 years?! I don’t know how you do it, but it keeps getting better and better. And has become the tentpole event for God’s Love. Thank you, John, Greg and Nicole, for making it happen, proud to call you my friends and colleagues!” -David Ludwigson, President and CEO

“Thank you so much Nic, Greg, and John you guys drive me absolutely crazy, but I love you, and I love everything you’ve done for God’s Love We Deliver.”- Julia Cordy, Manager of Events

“I want to send out a special thank you to Greg, Nicole, and John, amazing producers that bring New York City to their feet to rock and roll and not sit at home in the rain.” -Steven Marion, Senior Director, Events and Experience

“Nicole, Greg and John – Thank you all for always being so brilliant and amazing. Thank you for letting me be part of this greatness. Thank you for serving vulnerable New Yorkers!” -Candy Yun, Manager of Events

“When Greg, Nicole, or John call, you know you better pick up because they mean business! I am in awe of their seemingly endless energy and constantly inspired by their unrelenting dedication to our life-saving work. They truly walk the walk and talk the talk, and New York is a stronger, healthier place with them and Love Rocks NYC. Love you!!!” – Emmett Findley, Director of Marketing and Communications


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