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Aura Counts on Meals from God’s Love so Her Family Can Count on Her

Aura was born in the Dominican Republic and came to New York City when she was 12 years old. Before her rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis forced her to retire, Aura worked as a tutor, a sample maker, and even served our country in the National Guard from 1982-1988. As this mother and veteran adjusts to life after her diagnosis, she has tried to stay as active as possible. Aura believes nutrition and physical activity are critical aspects of her overall health. When she is feeling well, Aura loves fixing clothing for her children and hopes to pass her love for textiles on to her grandchildren.

“Before I got sick, I used to be very active. Exercising and running were a positive light for me. But once you get sick, that light slowly burns out. It makes things really difficult when I wake up in pain.” -Aura

As her rheumatoid arthritis has worsened, some of the everyday tasks she was accustomed to, like cooking, have become difficult for her. Three years ago, Aura’s case manager at Mount Sinai Hospital, told her about God’s Love and helped her sign up for our meals. Every time she receives a delivery, she is thankful for this referral. One aspect of the program Aura appreciates most is that her Registered Dietitian Nutritionist is attentive and responsive to her needs.

“One of the best parts of the program is that my nutritionist calls all the time. She makes sure that I am taken care of. I always know I can reach out to them if there is anything I need. For example, I asked them to add fish to my meals and they did. I really enjoy the tilapia!”

Make a gift today to ensure that our clients, like Aura, continue to receive meals filled with love. Thank you for your support!

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