Jordan, Alex, Chuck the Baker, and their mom and grandmother

7.24.19 / Volunteer

Bar mitzvahs ‘n birthdays: teens make God’s Love a part of every celebration

Our friends Jordan, just 15 and Alex, 13, have supported God’s Love since they were both just young kids. For the past six years, they, along with their parents have run in the Race to Deliver in Central Park, and they’ve always enjoyed this way to give back as a family. Several years ago, Jordan went the extra mile for our clients, and made God’s Love the focus and beneficiary of his mitzvah project, in celebration of his bar mitzvah. He decided to make birthday cards for our clients, and got his family, school, and community involved! Jordan’s younger brother Alex just had his bar mitzvah this year and chose to do the same thing! Alex organized friends and classmates to dive in to a birthday card-making project. In total, the brothers have helped create over 250 birthday cards for our clients!

And if that wasn’t enough, Jordan and Alex headed off to camp this summer with our agency video and a mission: to share with their campmates about our work and to get them involved. Fellow campers will decorate birthday cards – how sweet is that?

Before they left for camp, Jordan and Alex came to our building for a tour with their mom and grandmother to get a first-hand look at the work they’ve supported for so long. They got to meet the man behind the cakes at God’s Love, Chuck the Baker, too! We’re just so grateful for Alex and Jordan’s ongoing support, and love how Young Hearts can become so committed to God’s Love!

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1.7.20 / Community

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Celebrating Winter Feast 2019

Winter Feast at God’s Love is a huge community effort and we could not do it without our volunteers and supporters. Happy holidays from all of us at God’s Love!