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Care Transitions for Individuals Leaving the Hospital

Today it’s more critical than ever that we not only treat people who are sick, but also provide them with tools and support to help reduce the risk of future illness and avoid readmission to healthcare facilities. That is why we have recently launched our new Care Transitions program to provide recently discharged patients with home-delivered medically tailored meals through their insurers. The Care Transitions program offers a comprehensive meal delivery service featuring:

  • Rapid delivery of meals within 24-48 hours of referral
  • Nutritious, medically tailored meals with a variety of diets including regular, renal and vegetarian options
  • Comprehensive nutritional support and education provided by our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists.
  • Lasting service for 30 days post-discharge with potential for continued deliveries if necessary, and more.

From serving people living with more than 200 different diagnoses, God’s Love We Deliver knows better than anyone that food is medicine, and it’s essential to improving and maintaining good health for everyone. The Care Transitions program would be a valuable addition to any insurer or healthcare group looking to provide their patients with comprehensive care and can be tailored to the provider’s standards, as seen with its successful pilot program with Metroplus Health Plan.

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