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Carmelina’s Stracciatella Soup for #CelebrateWithAPlate

We asked some of our favorite chef friends around NYC to share a recipe that our followers might cook for their Thanksgiving Meal, the results are a 5-dish simple but delicious Thanksgiving meal. We’ll be releasing one recipe from a different borough each Sunday for the next 5 weeks here on our blog. We think you can enjoy these any day of the year.

We’re starting in Staten Island where we serve 222 clients. This beautiful stracciatella soup comes from Carmelina Pica, chef and resident nonna at the famous wine bar and restaurant Enoteca Maria. Carmelina emigrated to the United States from Italy as a young woman with her husband and continues to cook the traditional cuisine of Naples.

Of this recipe, she says “When I was little, I remember my mother often started a holiday meal with soup, and she would say ‘the soup stimulated the appetite and warmed the soul.“ As one of eight children growing up in a small town outside of Napoli during World War II, I can honestly say it didn’t take much to stimulate our appetites; we just couldn’t wait to eat! It was only later when I started cooking for my family did I understand what my mother truly meant. To this day, the thoughts and memories of those delicious soups continue to warm my soul. That’s the reason why when I cook: I cook with my heart.”

2 quarts chicken broth
4 large eggs
½ cup Parmigiano, grated2 tablespoons chopped flat leaf parsley
1 package (8 ounces) baby spinach coarsely chopped
salt & pepper to season

1. Bring the broth to a boil in pot and then reduce to medium heat.
2. In a bowl, beat the eggs, cheese and parsley together.
3. Reduce the heat to low and slowly add the egg mixture to the chicken broth
while stirring, continue to stir for about 1 minute.
4. Add in chopped spinach and stir until spinach wilts.
Season the soup with salt and pepper.
5. Serve at once and Buon Appetito!

All 5 of the dishes we’ll be sharing celebrate the immense diversity of flavors, experiences, clients, and supporters that we are lucky to be surrounded by in our beloved home-city.

Please enjoy these dishes and share your results online by tagging @godslovenyc and #CelebrateWithAPlate

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