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Celebrating a Lifetime of Service on Veterans Day

Stephanie Nieves joined the God’s Love Client Services Department in January 2020, right before the coronavirus pandemic struck NYC. She jumped right in to helping us bring a record number of clients on to our program.

But when she signed her contract, she was not new to service. Stephanie is a veteran of the Marines, where she perfected her life-long self-sufficiency, care for her fellow citizens, and work ethic. For five years she was stationed in North Carolina and did multiple tours in Afghanistan. She now has returned to New York where she lives with her service dog, Bruno. Stephanie welcomes clients on to program and ensures that our clients receive the medically tailored meals that they need. We are grateful to Stephanie for her service to our country and her contribution to the God’s Love team.

“I just love helping people,” she says. Stephanie grew up in Brooklyn in Williamsburg and in Ridgewood, Queens. Before she turned 10, she knew that she wanted to work for the Untied states. She has always been extremely active, whether playing with her cousins over summers in Ecuador, climbing trees and biking, or learning 5 different styles of dance back in NY. On her 18th birthday, she signed up to join the Marines.

Stephanie excelled in training and during deployment. She and her fellow female Marines became a band of sisters, and they made lifelong friendships. She served 5 years; this year would have been her 13th anniversary in the Marines if she hadn’t had to leave due to knee injuries.

Stephanie has found a new way to be of service by working for God’s Love. “I found you guys because my grandmother had heart surgery in 2017, and it was actually her cardiologist who told us about God’s Love.” Stephanie’s grandmother passed away, but she feels like in working for God’s Love she carries her legacy with her.

“I did my duty of serving the country. In the Marines, it was the few and the proud. We do it with so much passion and honor. I see that with God’s Love, too. We’re like angels helping people around New York.” ~ Stephanie

We’re proud to have Stephanie on our team, and we are grateful to her for her immense service.

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