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Celebrating Birthdays with Dotdash Meredith

On Thursday, May 9, Carolyn Rose and Nicole D’Andrea of God’s Love We Deliver’s Philanthropy Team were invited to a special event by the “How We Give Team at Dotdash Meredith.” Dotdash Meredith is the largest digital and print publisher in America, from mobile content to magazines, with iconic brands in their portfolio like People, Real Simple, and Food and Wine. The How We Give Team is a charitable giving initiative for teambuilding experiences at their corporate headquarters.

The theme of the event was a birthday party. The room was vibrant, decorated with balloons, birthday banners, table-scaping, and arts & crafts stations. God’s Love We Deliver brought beautifully designed birthday cakes and brownies from our SoHo kitchen for all participants to share. Employees were encouraged to make birthday cards while seeing and enjoying the personalized birthday cakes that God’s Love We Deliver brings to each of our clients on their birthdays.

The God’s Love We Deliver team presented our mission and discussed the importance and benefits of Medically Tailored Meals for our seriously ill neighbors. There was significant engagement from the attendees. There was time allowed for mingling and answering questions too. We invited attendees to continue their relationship with God’s Love We Deliver by coming to our office for a tour or a volunteer session. We promoted our signature events for both individual participation and corporate sponsorship. The day was special, resulting in wonderful birthday cards, new advocates, and a generous donation. We are thankful to Dotdash employees Maria Jakubek, Tiffany Lee, and Gabby Amello for their collaboration and hospitality!