12.16.20 / Community

Closure During Winter Storm on Thursday, December 17

Dear Community,

God’s Love will be closed and no deliveries will be made on Thursday, 12/17, due to the snow. There will be no volunteer shifts and all deliveries are suspended. Our office staff members will be working remotely, so please reach out to the following teams with any questions or concerns, and for regular business:

We will deliver to all clients who receive a meal delivery on Thursdays  on Saturday, December 19th,  between 8AM and 4PM. There’s no need to contact our client support teams  unless you want to cancel the delivery on Saturday.

God’s Love is expected to be open for regular business on Friday, 12/18. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to help us cook and home-deliver our regular meals and Winter Feast meals, all while prepping for this closure!

Watch Us in Action as We Prepare For the Snow

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