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Volunteer Susan Lerable – Volunteering on Vacation

Susan Lerable visits New York City with her husband and friends every year for a month.

This year, after connecting on Instagram with our Culinary Council member, Samah Dada (@dadaeats), she decided to come spend part of her vacation volunteering at God’s Love.

She says she has always nurtured others in her life with food. Susan says, “If you are hungry, nothing is okay. But if you get a little food in your tummy, you’re sometimes able to think about what else you got going on.”

For a decade, she has volunteered at an organization that feeds homeless women and provides toiletries and meals for them, at Gathering For Women, Monterey California. Susan knows the importance of giving back, which is why she was not going to let a vacation across the country stop her from volunteering. Susan did kitchen shifts during her vacation.

“I can’t believe I’m here,” Susan said. When asked about her favorite part of God’s Love, she said, “I just felt so welcomed from the very beginning… The other volunteers, the stories, the time, the commitment, the welcome from everybody from the minute you walk in the door.”

She says she will definitely come back and volunteer at God’s Love when she’s back in NYC.

“I’m very blessed and lots of people aren’t. It does more for me than it does for them. They’ll never get as much out of it as I do,” Susan said. “I like to nurture. I can’t go out there and feed everybody who is hungry, but whatever I can do is all I want to do.”

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