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Collaborating with Citymeals on Wheels to Bring Shelf-Stable Meals to God’s Love Clients

God’s Love We Deliver has partnered with Citymeals on Wheels to bring shelf-stable meals to our neighbors living with illness this summer. These emergency meals ensure that during inclement weather, blackouts, and other extreme heat-related events, those who rely on God’s Love for nourishment will never be left without lifesaving meals.

While both organizations have a long-standing relationship as we work to end hunger and malnutrition, this is our biggest collaboration yet! Citymeals has procured and packaged more than 27,000 nutritious ready-to-eat meals in the event of an inability to access food. God’s Love then delivered these packages to our clients throughout the New York metropolitan area in addition to the 13,000 medically tailored meals each day.

“Here at God’s Love We Deliver, we’re committed to continuous service innovation so that our clients get the meals and care they need, when they need it – no matter the circumstance. Designed with our team of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, these shelf-stable meals are fortified with nutrition, made with love, and provide our clients with a sense of security, so that even in an emergency, our clients receive the life-sustaining nourishment that their diagnoses require,” said David Ludwigson, President & CEO of God’s Love We Deliver.

“Extreme heat is a serious health risk for the most vulnerable New Yorkers, especially older adults and those living with chronic illness or medical conditions,” said Beth Shapiro, CEO of Citymeals on Wheels. “We’re glad to be partnering with God’s Love We Deliver to ensure their clients have nutritious food right on hand during any heat-related emergencies that occur over the next few months.”

Thank you, Citymeals!

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