6.18.20 / Nutrition

Cooking through the Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic requires revisions to our medically tailored meal program which pose huge challenges for our program staff. For example, social distancing in kitchen volunteer shifts means fewer volunteers, but we are cooking more meals than ever. To expand production so quickly, our kitchen and nutrition teams created a streamlined menu plan that requires fewer hands. The revised menu retains some delicious client favorites, such as Stuffed Portobello Mushroom, and Coconut Curry Chicken. And of course, the menu plan continues to ensure that our clients receive the right amount of calories and protein. Our chefs report that the kitchen volunteers have risen to the challenge of our increased production. “Everyone realizes that what is going on is bigger than us,” says Sous Chef Andre Daquigan. “We all want to be here for our neighbors who are most vulnerable right now.” Our meals are nutritious, but we still make sure that each meal ends with something sweet. We have temporarily outsourced the baking of desserts to our long-time, trusted catering partner, Canard Inc. Canard chefs bake more than 12,000 desserts every week to our specifications and deliver them daily to God’s Love. And of course, we’re still sending birthday cakes, because we believe that it’s always important to put time aside for celebrations.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists have been working remotely, ensuring the safest environment possible for our staff. With so much growth, we recruited former God’s Love RDNs from across the country who know our program and our clients and are now assisting us part-time, remotely. We now have dietitians, both current and former employees who want to help, answering our clients’ phone calls in New York, Florida, and Wisconsin. Our staff are working harder than ever, but with new sources of assistance, great volunteers, streamlined production plans, and strong support from the community, we can meet the needs of our rapidly expanding clientele.

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