6.22.21 / Donate

Dominique Ansel Chooses God’s Love

Our dear friend and neighbor, Dominque Ansel is once more using his talents and taste buds to help raise funds for God’s Love We Deliver. This time, he has collaborated with NY Distilling on a limited edition of Ragtime Rye.

Only 150 bottles have been produced. Each is signed and numbered.

Selected by Dominique for its fragrant notes of rich butterscotch and smooth silky finish, this Rye is soft and honeyed, dark and savory, and loaded with spice, with absolutely no burn, even at cask strength. From a chef’s point of view, it’s the perfect complement to all things dessert.

It’s the perfect for the beginning of summer, Pride, or any special occasion. Grab a bottle, pair it with a cronut or croissant, and tag us in your party pictures!

Thank you Chef!

5.16.22 / Community

Birthdays Matter, That’s Why We Make the Batter

Baking, personalizing, and delivering birthday cakes to our clients, their children, and their senior caregivers is one of the most special things we do. All of us at God’s Love, from our bakers, to our volunteers, to o…

2.10.22 / Community

Crypto Donations Make Their Debut at God’s Love

Make your donation via Web 3.0! God’s Love We Deliver received its first-ever crypto donation through the auction of a piece of artwork made by our friend, Danny Cole, for CowParade NYC. Instead of following the traditional a…