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Donor Dayle Berke: Making Giving In Style

Born in Chicago and raised in Indiana, God’s Love We Deliver donor Dayle Berke always had her eyes set on the creativity, speed, and influence of the East Coast. As a student, Dayle received a BA from the University of Michigan and then headed East to study law at Georgetown. But her life always held a “both and” quality to it. Litigator by day, performer by night, Dayle has pursued many passions in her life, with one of her most long-term being her support of God’s Love We Deliver.

Dayle spent much of her career in Washington, D.C. There, she spent twenty years working as an attorney, the latter half of which was in health policy. She served as the Director of Government Affairs

for the National Association for Home Care and, prior to that, she was Special Counsel to the House Select Committee on Aging and worked for the Federal Trade Commission.

At the same time she was engaged in her busy career in Washington, she performed in cabaret, musical theatre, and dance. After living in Montreal for four years – and gaining fluency in French — Dayle landed in New York City to stay. she loves everything about the City’s culture, but especially its theatre and museums.

Dayle with David Ludwigson, Jon Nathanson, Richard Feldman, Dayle Berke, David Press and Tim Scholoer at the 12th Annual Golden Heart Awards

In addition to her law and performance careers, Dayle was involved in activism, too. In D.C., Dayle was a member of the AIDS Action Council, which was a coalition of organizations responding to the AIDS crisis. While involved with the Council, Dayle represented the home care and hospice community.

Later, after moving to NYC, Dayle found out about God’s Love from her dear friend, Richard Feldman, who is a long-time board member and former Board chair at God’s Love. His husband, Jon, is one of Dayle’s closest friends. The two quickly shared how important God’s Love is to them, and how life-changing it is for New Yorkers, and Dayle immediately began supporting us, as a donor, and as an attendee at events. Little did she know all those years ago that she, too, would need God’s Love one day.

At a point in Dayle’s life she became ill and joined the God’s Love program. She felt such relief receiving our medically tailored meals at her home and tells us, “When I was going through such a hard time, God’s Love meant that I had one less thing to worry about and it helped me manage my recovery.”

Dayle with Jon Nathanson, Susan Oher, and Richard Feldman at the Sixth Annual Golden Heart Awards

Today, Dayle is retired but shows no signs of slowing down. She is a docent at the Museum of Arts and Design, producing and giving her own tours. She dances and keeps an eye on fashion – making statements of her own every time she walks down the street. Five years ago, Dayle started an Instagram fashion blog under the name @artfulcitystyle. She delights in photo shoots and engaging with designers who reach out to work with her, and loves the feedback she receives from her followers about her outfits and distinct looks.

And while she’s out and about making style statements and working in art, her heart remains close to God’s Love. As a donor, she is a member of both our Legacy Society and our Golden Heart Society, providing much-needed funds to God’s Love for our present and our future.

When asked why she chooses to support God’s Love, Dayle tells us:

“There is so much heart in God’s Love We Deliver — how devoted people are to helping people, and at the most basic, important level. People need to be fed. Food is love. You are delivering love. And having been on the other side of it, I know what that feels like. And how the mission has broadened over the years is incredible. At the height of the AIDS epidemic, God’s Love was there. There are so many people who are suffering/alone/can’t get food for themselves and God’s Love has not stopped, but continues to grow in such a generous and wonderful way.”

We are so grateful to Dayle for her generosity and her commitment to our clients. Thank you, Dayle!

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