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From Hospice Care, to Restarting His Career: Meals from God’s Love Facilitate Carlo’s Recovery

After recovering from cancer years ago, at 70 years old, Carlo was devastated to receive the news that his cancer had returned. His treatment had debilitating effects on his health and left him mostly bed-ridden. For many years Carlo worked as a psychiatric nurse practitioner, but after chemotherapy and radiation, he struggled to prepare his own meals. His doctor warned him to limit his possible exposure to COVID-19 due to his high risk of infection and complications. Carlo was so sick, he was in hospice care. In the midst of this difficult time, Carlo’s social worker signed him up for deliveries from God’s Love. When he began receiving medically tailored meals, Carlo’s health and outlook on life took a turn for the better. In his own words:

“Your meals helped me get stronger. And on top of that, your staff were so kind, all the time. Thank you.” -Carlo

The kindness he experienced at every level of the organization, including a hand-delivered birthday cake, inspired him to help others. Slowly but surely, Carlo began to gain weight and increase his physical activity. Months later, Carlo is able to go on a long walk every day and is looking forward to going back to the gym. He has even begun looking for jobs in hopes to get back to work as a nurse practitioner. Now that Carlo is in remission, he wants to give back to the organization that cared for him during his darkest times. When Carlo begins working again, he plans to donate a portion of his salary to God’s Love.

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7.22.24 / Events

23rd Annual Midsummer Night Drinks

God’s Love We Deliver and friends brought Provençal flair to the Hamptons for the 23rd Annual Midsummer Night Drinks hosted by Lisa and James Cohen, in partnership with GALERIE magazine.